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Cancun Souvenir Shirts

iDink Wear is honored to have designed and created the souvenir shirt for Audrey’s Pickle Club Med Cancun trip for all of us crazies that love Pickleball so much! We are so excited to go on our second trip with Audrey and we know many of you have gone numerous times on her trips. Some of you have even gone to every single trip she’s ever done! To that, we say, Ole! or something like that anyway!

We all love having options – lots of choices. This year we have added 3 colors of shirts for you to choose from, 3 styles for the women, 2 styles for the men, 2 material choices (Dri-fit or Cotton blend) and more!

Last time, we found it very successful to have all of us order our souvenir shirts before we leave for Cancun. Then, remember to pack them in your luggage!  There’s bound to be lots of photo opportunities wearing our Pickle Club Med Cancun shirts!  If you have any questions, please reach out to us!


We have several choices for your this year: Material: dri-fit & a cotton blend, Styles: crew neck, v-neck and sleeveless, and Colors: white, royal blue, lime shock green, and the cotton is only in Navy Blue. And this year we also offer a hat!  Olé. Simply click on the links below.


Have your order in by Sept. 30th:








Women's Dri-Fit Shirts

Order timeframe expired. Please contact [email protected]

Cancun Unisex Hat

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Men's Dri-Fit Shirts

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Women's Cotton Blend Shirts

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Men's Cotton Blend Shirts

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We have lots for you to choose from and we hope you like them all! For all the Dri-Fit shirts, we are using Badger shirts. They fit true to size for most people. And, for our cotton tee shirt lovers, we have added a wonderful Next Level tee shirt. It is 60% cotton and 40% polyester so it has a great feel and is a perfect weight – not too heavy and not too thin. And it won’t shrink enough for you to notice. It is said to only shrink 5% over the tee shirts lifetime…That’s not bad! The cotton blend shirt is UNISEX – it comes in two styles – a crew neck and v-neck. Both styles are UNISEX.

We will ship your Cancun souvenirs the week of October 22nd so keep that in mind when you put in your shipping address.

Can I return my order ?
We will not be processing refunds since we are ordering just enough for those going to Cancun. Please check the sizing charts before completing your purchase.
When do I have to have my order completed?
The deadline is September 24th, by 6:00pm MDT.
Will you sell these at Cancun Club Med?
There is a possibility we may have one or two with us. But, we will not have all varieties and all styles. Please purchase in advance.
When will I get my items?
We will be shipping the week of October 22nd. Please keep this in mind when inputting your shipping address!
What if I have a question about ordering?
No worries mi amigo! Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (801) 419-9607
Why are we ordering these shirts now?
Rather than have a ton of souvenirs sent to Cancun, order them now and make sure you bring them to Cancun with you! There’s tons of photo opps wearing our wonderful shirts!

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