because we all know, “Real Sport – Real Athlete – Pickleball”

Teresa Ford of Level 10 Fitness, St George, Utah is guest writing for us this month. We started training with her this month to strengthen and get back that “feeling great” feeling! In a short amount of time,  she has made a world of difference for us. In this newsletter, we’ll share ONE of her EIGHT benefits from training with a personal trainer. Look for the other benefits in future newsletters!
Level 10 Fitness – Teresa Ford
Whether it’s a slow finessing or a feverish flurry dinking the ball back and forth across the net, the game of Pickleball is a fast growing favorite sport for the recreationally motivated or the competitive athlete. It is also especially appealing because of its friendliness to joints even for post-rehab participants. However, speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) are key components to any player’s ability to feel more competitive and confident on or off the court. Training in functional patterns on all planes of motion can significantly increase levels of enjoyment and confidence to move and play freely without the fear of injury or re-injury. If you don’t know what those patterns are, hiring a trainer who can teach you what you need to know to play at the top of your game is one of the most beneficial things you can do.

Of the many benefits, here is the first of 8 things a personal trainer can do for you:

  1. Keep You Safe – Often people go to the gym but shy away from equipment because they are afraid of hurting themselves. If you’re living inside the box limited by fear of injury, it’s likely you’re not even coming close to getting the type of workout you could be getting. In just about every case our clients are surprised by how much more they can do that they didn’t dare try until we showed them it was possible. When you have professionally trained eyes on you, making sure your form and function are truly being executed correctly, you will have the assistance you need to avoid unsafe technique.     ~ Teresa Ford ~