Got Pickleball?  Not Without a Healthy Spine!!
Dr. Mark Bentley

Many people don’t realize the critical role their spine plays when they’re playing Pickleball.  Whether you’re a 2.0 skill level or a 4.5, the bodily system your spine protects is the most important thing that keeps you on that court; your NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Your nervous system is like your central computer command center, carrying signals from the brain to your feet to run down that overhead lob, or to your hands and arms to hit that perfect backhand.  Pickleball is a game of reflexes which are controlled by your nerves, and the quicker and more controlled your reflexes are, the quicker you’ll move up in skill level.

As a chiropractor, my job is to “Power On” the nervous system through specific adjustments to the spine.  Slow reflexes, pain in any part of the body during or after playing, chronic recurring injuries, restricted ranges of motion, or dizziness are just a few symptoms of your nervous system not functioning optimally.  Your spine needs to be adjusted!!

Ask one of your fellow pickleball players about the benefits they experience through regular chiropractic care, then go see them and get your power turned on!!  Dr. Mark Bentley of ProHealth Chiropractic, St George, UT