We are fortunate to travel to Pickleball tournaments happening around this beautiful country. This past weekend we traveled to the Pasadena Senior Games where the Pickleball tournament was hosted in Tustin, CA. Tustin is very close to Anaheim a.k.a. Disneyland – more about that later.

The tournament was organized chiefly by Phil Dunmeyer and a whole host of volunteers. Over 120 Pickleball athletes entered the tournament and they brought their friends and families and pets to watch them compete. What a well run event! I never realized how much work goes into putting on a tournament but I got a close up look this time. I appreciate fully now the work and cooperation it takes from everyone involved to get this fabulous sport more well known with more tournaments! Thank you Phil and everyone involved!

The most amazing and most talked about thing about Pickleball is the community – the lovely people involved in this sport! This was the first event we traveled to in California so we weren’t sure we would know anyone and that’s always a bit freaky. But lo and behold, we did know a handful of people. And, we met a ton of new friends! There was not one person there for the whole three days who wasn’t just  a delight! The locals welcomed us into their city with such love!

The tournament itself was incredible! The level of play was over the top! This sport is growing so fast and yet people slow down to teach you how to become better! Check out the Pasadena Senior Game tournament results here.  Lucky for us, we could hob nob with many of the medal winners – special shout out to Jackie Vohs and Robin Blanchard who took GOLD in the Women’s Doubles. And Robin Blanchard (again) with Mario Najera who took GOLD in the Mixed Doubles! And, then what a joy to watch Cathy Parkhurst and Bill Propert take the Mixed Doubles GOLD in their age bracket! Check the results here!

So, lastly the Disneyland thing. We parked our RV at the Anaheim RV Resort (a big thumbs up to them!) and right behind the RV park we could literally see Magic Mountain. What we had forgotten about was every night at exactly 9:30pm, Disneyland puts on the greatest, most spectacular and really, really loud firework display! Note to you RV pickleballers, don’t go to bed before 9:30pm! The show only last 10 minutes and you won’t mess up that beautiful sleep from 9:30pm-9:40pm! By the way, stand outside to see the show from your RV patio – their fireworks are as grand as Pickleball!