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I searched for hours spanning two days searching for a new pickleball bag. Ended up with a racquetball bag but the minute I saw the iDink Wear bag it was an easy decision to get one.

P.S.  Showed a pic of my order to a fellow pickleball friend and he went home and ordered one that night.
P.S.S. Two days before finding your bag I ordered a racquetball bag. It arrived yesterday and is already on its way back b/c your bag [backpack] rocks!

Kyle S

iDink Wear Backpacks!

I have this shirt and I LOVE it!

Laurie B

The Pickleball shirts came today, and I LOVE THEM!  I really love the white, long sleeve… Glad you mentioned it to me!  Thanks so much,  Kathy!

I ordered the Neoprene iDink Wear visor and LOVED it! And, it did absorb sweat!  I also love the fit! Cathy!

C. Ciferri