Thousand Island Pickleball Club Shirts

We are so excited to offer your club your own Pickleball wear! We take great pride in offering clubs their own online shopping experience. No matter the size of your club, we will grow with you and continually offer you varied products!
 For men, we offer the Badger crew neck known for its comfort, dri-fit material, and playability.
For women we are offering; a racerback, sleeveless, crew neck and a v-neck shirt.
And for both men and women, a wonderful rain and wind resistant pullover – a unisex product you’ll love! You’ll also want to use it for sun protection. One color choice: white. Also, ladies there is a lightweight, long-sleeve hoodie option – color choice: white.
We are offering a range of colors for you depending on your shirt choices. Simply click on the links to see the variety.
All shirts are made by Badger – 100% Dri-Fit material, breathable and fit true-to-size.
All shirts will be shipped in bulk to Sev & Carol. They will set up a pick up time once received. More than likely, shirts will not arrive in Thousand Islands until mid-to-late July.

LADIES – New colors added to V-Necks and Crew Necks

MENS – New colors added and check out the Slammer Crew!

Comfy Cotton T-Shirt- available 7/31

This is the same cotton shirt that was used for the Thousand Island Senior Challenge shirt just in case some of you like a cotton shirt now and then.  Available in both regular sizes AND TALL!

Hats / Visors 


With our hats and visors, we have a minimum order of 12 hats and 12 visors or we won’t be able to produce. The embroidery cost is simply too costly with less than 12 of each. (that is club total that is needed)

How do I order?
Simply click on the shirt images above, either men’s or women’s and this will take you to the order page.
Can I return and exchange my shirt(s)?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer exchanges and refunds. Please make sure you check the sizing charts. Badger shirts are known to run true to size.

What is the deadline for ordering?

We must have all orders placed by July 5th, 8pm Eastern time.

When will you ship my order?

We hope to ship the orders by the middle of July. Ordering closes July 5th and then it takes about 10 days for them to be printed. Add shipping time on to that and we are closer to the 3rd week of July. We will do all we can to get them to you quickly!

Is my order shipping to my home address?

No, Sev and Carol will receive all orders and divvy out upon arrival. We were able to cut shipping costs by using this format. cool

What are the shipping and handling costs?

We are charging a small shipping and handling fee to every order. All orders will be packaged separately and then will be bulked shipped to Sev and Carol. They will then disperse your orders to you. 

What do I do if I have a question?
If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed above, please drop Lynda and Susan a note at [email protected]