I love social media, the internet, websites, the ability to comment and speak with anyone! I had a great comment come in from one of our website visitors – though, it wasn’t exactly the kind of comment you want to hear. But, the comment was truthful – more less our visitor said, ‘hey, where’s all the new content? 2015 is here! Let’s post some fresh stuff!’ – Ouch! but he was spot on!

We have been so busy keeping up with our internet orders, updating our product line, hiring a great designer, OH and traveling to as many tournaments as possible, that we -the Royal We as in ME – let the website posts and news fall outside the baseline. OUT as in outta date! So, I was actually really glad to get our visitor’s comment.

I decided to give you a look at our 2014 year from October to now to show you the world of iDink Wear – For the Love of Pickleball!

October 2014:
Nevada Senior Games
Fall Brawl – St George, UT
Huntsman Sr Games – St George, UT

November 2014:
USAPA Nationals – Arizona
Utah State Games – St George, UT

December 2014:
We played a lot just for fun – no tournaments

January 2015:
Tucson Sr Olympic Pickleball Tournament
SPA Fundraiser – Surprise, AZ

February 2015:
Palm Desert Sr Games – CA
Grand Canyon State Games – AZ

March 2015:
FITS Tournament – AZ
March Madness Tournament – Melba Bishop, CA
Southern Utah Pickleball ShootOut – St George, UT

April 2015:
Henderson Sr Games – NV
Mesquite Sr Games – NV

May 2015:
USAPA West Regionals – N. Las Vegas, NV
Utah State Games – St George, UT

We had a great year – and half of this year is almost done! Thanks to all of you who support us, dink with us and grow with us! Just like the comment left for me last week, please let us know what we can do to provide you with the best looking Pickleball wear out there and all the Pickleball news you want and need!

Carry on #PickleballGeneration!